For the love of coffee


Day 2: It’s pretty tough to beat the simple pleasure of a good cup of coffee to kick-start your morning. Except, perhaps, if the coffee is free. When I paid for a guy’s coffee yesterday I think it may have been the highlight not just of his day but maybe even his week. At first he was completely bemused and I had to explain several times what I was doing and why (There is no catch … Yes, I really do want to pay for it … Yes, really…) He then spent a few moments muttering “Wow” to himself, then smiled widely and exclaimed, “Well, I’ve never been to this coffee shop before, but I reckon I might be back every morning from now on!” So it seems it was a kind deed for the barista, too.

Day 3: Today my kind act was volunteering with the Red Cross Young Parent’s Program, which I have been doing for about six weeks now. The kids are absolutely gorgeous, as are my fellow volunteers. I had been thinking about volunteering for a children’s charity for about a year before I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to apply for a few places that looked interesting. Red Cross was the first one I tried and it’s so fulfilling and so much fun I can’t remember why I didn’t start sooner! Having said that, I’d like to try volunteering for a few other charities during this project, but I will probably have to procrastinate for just a little while first…

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