The International Currency of Kindness

Day 7: Sometimes – like when I’m watching the nightly news – it seems as if the world couldn’t be any more disjointed. We often make fun of the “feel good puppies-and-kittens” stories at the end of the news which aren’t really newsworthy at all, but secretly its a welcome relief after the overwhelming negativity that came before. And yet despite what the mainstream news often tells us, chaos and violence are not the only commonalities of the world. There are positive stories everywhere, and there are people that feel they are equally newsworthy, with sites such as and becoming increasingly popular.

Today my kind task was to pick up rubbish wherever I went. Walking along a road I frequent several times a week, I was surprised I hadn’t noticed just how much rubbish was lurking in bushes, in the gutter, on the path. I was again reminded that you really don’t notice things – whether good or bad – until you start looking for them. We can’t ignore the bad in the world, but it’s important to keep our eyes open to the good.

Day 8: According to the World Health Organisation, only one in 30 eligible Australians currently donate blood ( It’s one of those things that we all know we should do and yet somehow never quite get around to. Perhaps because there isn’t much motivation if we haven’t experienced a loved one needing blood, or needing it ourselves. I knew that many people needed blood donations for various different reasons, but I was amazed to learn today that my single blood donation could save three lives. It left me very weak and woozy for the rest of the day, but on the grand scale of things that is a fairly small price to pay. And who knew you got a free muffin and milkshake, as well as bonus kindness points? Priceless.

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