Aussies Value Kindness Over Attractiveness

If you have turned on the television in Australia recently, besides being bombarded with second-by-second accounts of royal wedding preparations you may have come across another feel-good story. Channel 10’s 7pm Project have teamed up with Reader’s Digest Australia (RDA) to share stories of kindness from around the nation in a project called The Power of Good. According to a recent survey from the magazine, Australian’s value “how a person treats others” (98%) far more than their outlook on life (89%), intelligence (59%) and appearance (28%). Who knew? Personally, I hope it isn’t always an either/or kind of situation …

Sue Carney, the Editor in Chief of the magazine, had this to say: “I love the whole concept of ‘the power of good’  … Often ‘niceness’ is dismissed as untrendy or unexciting, but I really hope The Power of Good shows that’s simply not true – kindness is powerful and it’s inspiring. And in these times of bad world news and disasters, it’s a strong theme that reflects what Australians truly value.”

To read more warm-and-fuzzy stories of Aussies helping Aussies, just click on the image above.

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