Something’s Cooking

Days 34-41: Imagine that life is like a big restaurant, and the
meals it serves to each person are symbollic of elements such as their career, relationships, family, living situation… Two people sit down at a table in the restaurant of life. The first is extremely hungry and doesn’t bother to look at a menu, instead asking the waiter to bring whatever they recommend. The second person spends a long time looking over the menu, asking questions about each dish and then requesting certain ingredients be added or removed so it is exactly to their liking.

The waiter returns with a meal for the first person that is quite tasty, but not completely satisfying. (This is like being delivered a partner, a job, an apartment that is perfectly acceptable, but somehow not quite right for you.) The second friend recieves a meal that is almost perfect but slightly undercooked, and sends it back. When the dish is returned the second person is very happy, having recieved just what they wanted and they rave about how delicious it is. The first friend wonders if they should have sent their food back and ordered something they really want, but not wanting to be difficult decides to simply smile and pretend to enjoy it.

Are you the first or second person?

Over the last year I have sent back a lot of dishes, from quitting a job that was making me miserable to cutting ties with people who are all give and no take. But while I know what I don’t want, I still often find it very difficult to ask for what it is I do want. However, I’m getting better and I’ve even realised that sometimes you can do one better than asking. Sometimes you can simply walk into the kitchen and cook up your own meal.

This week the kindness project has had me donating money to Wires, baking brownies for my extended family, buying a takeaway pizza for a guy working at 7/11 who was starving and unable to leave the shop, sending a bunch of flowers to my Mum at work for her birthday, baking a cheesecake for a friend who is going through a hard time, buying a big box of organic fruit and vegetables and attending Red Cross volunteering. Undertaking this project has allowed me to cook up something I really want – that is, for each day of my life to be surprising, challenging, inspiring, and full of kindness. Yum.

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