Sunny Side Down

“Y’know, it’s not true that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things happen for no reason, there is nothing to learn, there is no silver lining, and I really don’t think we should have to pretend the glass is half full all the time.”

This is the announcement my gym instructor made the other day – quite out of the blue – in the middle of a class. And her honesty made me laugh because lately I have been feeling much the same way.

In the last few days I have volunteered at the Red Cross Young Parents Program and visited a friend bringing comfort food and a sympathetic ear. I also had my first volunteer day for a Bushcare, which is a fantastic organisation working on various projects to rehabilitate natural bushland areas. I was a little nervous to start, not knowing who I would be working with (except they were all under 35) or even really what I would be doing. But it was great – an awesome group of people with plenty of interesting conversation while we took out non-native plants in a stunning little area of bushland. And they were perfectly welcoming of, and patient with, a non-greenthumb like myself. I kind of feel like nature-lovers are probably a lot like dog-lovers: generally caring, down-to-earth folk. When we left you could really see the difference we had made to our little patch of green, which is always nice.

Sunday was a fundraiser I helped organise to raise money for a friend in Timor-Leste. He wants to plant some trees in his local area in order to enhance the natural beauty, make his people proud of where they come from, attract more tourism and increase awareness of environmental issues. It is very difficult to raise money in Timor-Leste so he asked if we would help him out. So we decided to organise a barbeque and invite all our friends. It was a great success – lots of fun and plenty of money raised, too.

But despite all this lovely and very successful kindnesses, other things in my life have left me feeling decidedly …blah. Most of the time I am a glass-half-full kind of person, and I believe this is a conscious mind-set that shouldn’t be reliant on things going my way. In fact, it is when things get challenging that it is most helpful to think positively. Yet I also know that to be truly positive you must express your emotions and deal with issues rather than suppressing them. And honestly its quite liberating to give in to the negative every now and then. Whats even better is that I know that embracing the “blah” means I can deal with the issues properly and before I know it I have snapped back to genuinely positive, finding real lessons and meaning and silver lining all over the place.

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  1. Kristin Hernandez
    May 24, 2011 @ 20:12:57

    I love that! It’s comforting to know that it is ok, not to have to be Miss Pollyanna all the time and instead just keep it real:)


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