When Life Gives You Lemonade…

Life is full of lemonade. Joyful smiles. Music that makes your heart sing. The laughter and comfort of good friends, of knowing there is a soft place to fall. Everything in life that is hard, overwhelming, beautiful, meaningful, pushing you to expand out beyond your current self into something bigger and better.

Right now my cup of lemonade is overflowing. I am so grateful for it, but I have also come to realise that when anything overflows it means something else is lost. The Year of Kindness has indirectly lead me to take on many new adventures that constantly provide moments of real challenge and real joy.  But these new adventures have left very little time for blogging, and so I haven’t written a Year of Kindness post in a while. I’m still doing kindnesses but rather than being conscious decisions they are more often then not things that just seem to happen while I’m busy making other plans. Things that have somehow become second nature without me even realising it – paying for someone’s bus fare when they don’t have change, stopping to talk to the homeless man down the street, positive post it notes anywhere and everywhere, volunteering for causes I really believe in, money in expired parking metres, buying organic, chatting to the bus driver, trying to actively listen and really be present for friends and family, just saying yes.

When I started this project I was restless and frustrated and a little lost. I wanted to prove that every individual has the power to create something positive amidst the chaos and cruelty of the world. That there is so much good all around us if only we look close enough. That you can be the change you want to see in the world. Now I know all these things to be true. But in these lessons I’m faced with a decision – do I try to get re-inspired, keep challenging myself with new and different kindness missions and continue to write about these experiences? Or do I accept that it is time to let this blog go, to enjoy the lemonade of small spontaneous kindnesses and stop trying to catch the overflow? Jury is definitely out…

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  1. stevepmoore
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 09:50:10

    I feel I understand that space.. This is the first period where I have started letting my blog go. I guess in the end all we can really offer is our time and energy. And there’s only so much. But it feels good to have a life filled with joy and service.


  2. Roberta
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 16:28:33

    What does your heart say? You have given much and maybe time for a different direction.. (: It will be good whatever it is!


    • happydancecat
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 22:30:36

      Thankyou, Roberta. As with everything, I think YOK needs to grow and evolve, so that is what I am going to work on in 2012. I’m very excited to find new kindness directions and goals!


  3. Maria
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 16:42:32

    We’ll miss your posts Cat!… It will be like missing a dear friend:(… you have brought an unbelievably huge change into so many lives who are trying to now be the change in the world in their own capacity… But whatever your decision .. I wish you all the very best of luck in whatever you do 🙂


    • happydancecat
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 22:32:01

      You’re so sweet Maria. I definitely feel that I have made some beautiful online friends who have been such an important part of this YOK journey. That was a big part of why I have decided to continue writing posts. I would miss you all too! 🙂


  4. Lesh @ TheMindfulFoodie
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 17:51:44

    Hello Miss Cat! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, and was planning to email you soon to see if you’re ok. Glad to hear that you are, even though your cup is running over!

    I totally understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t think you need to make a black and white decision about the blog. You should ‘use it’ for your convenience – just write whenever it takes your fancy, whenever you want to share your thoughts and deeds with us. It doesn’t have to be regular and it doesn’t have to be often. Even once a year will do! 🙂 xo


    • happydancecat
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 22:33:35

      You’re so right, Lesh! That is exactly what I intend to do. I’m going to find new ways of writing and doing that work for me. But the important thing is that I’ve realised how much I enjoy the blogging process, and interacting with all my beautiful online friends such as yourself. 🙂


  5. enermazing
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 06:39:46

    I enjoy every single one of your posts, no matter how much time has passed between them. But I go with Lesh: Write whenever you feel like it. You are under no obligation to anybody. Priorities keep changing, and who knows, at some time you may want some communication the blogging way 🙂


  6. Eric Winger
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 17:13:08

    I would be disappointed if you decided to stop. I’ve enjoyed reading your upbeat posts. They’re quite inspiring.

    However, in the event you do decide to stop, I hope you’ll at least keep being intentional about your kindness missions. I’ve personally found so much value in waking up every day thinking of how I can try to help someone, somewhere. I hope I’m not being presumptuous in saying that I think you have also.

    Regardless, I know you’ll make the right decision for you and the people around you ..

    And please stop by the blog once in awhile and say ‘hi’. 🙂

    Take care,



    • happydancecat
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 22:36:44

      Thankyou thankyou thankyou, Eric. You have provided so much inspiration to me on this crazy journey, with your own inspiring posts and all your support and advice. You are definitely a kindred kindness crusader!


  7. Silver
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 02:01:50

    Your blog has certainly been an inspiration and I guess there does come a point when we wonder if it is time to change directions. I can really relate to this. Imho you have achieved so much just by rallying the troops’, highlighting the challenges that we face when we incorporate kindness into our lives, and bringing an awareness of ways we can all contribute.

    Wishing you well on the next stage of your journey -whatever that may be. 🙂


    • happydancecat
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 22:38:27

      Lovely Silver, your Aries forecast was spot on! It was all about changing directions and finding new ways to make old projects work for us. Amazing, and so helpful. And your blog is gorgeous! I will definitely be visiting often. Thankyou so much for your kindness and generosity.


  8. Cameron Brooks
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 03:10:12

    Thank you for sparking thoughtful conversation and inspiring twenty 3rd graders half a world away.

    Blogs enable ersatz altruism like bumpersticker solidarity in lieu of action, so it’s wonderful that you’ve decided to trade-in some screen time. ¡Buena suerte!


    • happydancecat
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 22:39:54

      Thanks, Cameron. I’m sure it is you who is truly inspiring to those kids. I absolutely love your blog about their achievements and adventures. They are incredibly lucky to have you as their teacher. And you have a beautiful way with words!


  9. Pocket Perspectives
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 07:55:55

    I just dropped by to see if you had made any decisions….I agree with the others that you might want to check in with your own heart and energy to see if continuing this blog is fulfilling to you and supports you along your own path.
    One little bit of feedback….it seems that your writing had a ripple effect on many other people’s actions and what how they are spreading similar ideas in their own blogs. I know that your ideas had a huge positive impact with me…and have rippled out to many others.
    I wonder if you might want to include your shift in focus?…to somehow transition into your more current perspective..which of course might be developing and changing even more, with time and experiences…. one that has developed out of your earlier one?…just an idea…but I would love to see you continue writing…… : ) my best to you…. warm smiles…. kathy


    • happydancecat
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 22:42:37

      You are very wise, Kathy – my heart and energy just needed to be asked the right question and things became very clear. My path is expanding and growing, but the kindness project can definitely be a part of it with a little planning and creativity. I’m glad kindness is rippling along – it certainly seems to be contagious, and something everyone wants more of in their lives. Next year I will be working on projects to enable more people to be invovled in group kindness missions on a bigger scale. Very exciting!


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